Refreshing Perth Gardens


The Greenscape Collective is a unique group of like-minded landscape designers and landscape gardeners excited to collaborate with you and breathe new life into your outdoor space. We take the time to listen to you and learn what you want for your garden. Our craftsmanship is personalised specifically to you and you are wholeheartedly included in our process to design, construct and/or maintain your ideal garden.

the /ðə [th uh] ði [th ee] ðɪ [th i]ː/ determiner 1 a person, persons or place that is unique 2 best-known or most approved


greenscape /ɡriːn [green] skeɪp [skeyp]/ v 1 breathe new life into an urban or drab area especially of fresh, flourishing vegetation 2 restore the vitality of a scene, make lush


collective /kəˈlɛktɪv [kuh-lek-tiv]/ adj 1 a group of like-minded individuals acting as a whole 2 shared collaboration by all the members of a group


What does that mean?

It means we listen to you. We listen to your garden wants, needs and desires then tailor our services to match. You are a valued member of our collective.

What does that mean for you?

It means creative landscape design and quality landscaping that is seamless and convent. We fulfil all your garden wants, needs and desires in-house.

What does that mean?

It means a good price. Creating a beautiful and unique garden on a budget is attainable. We tailor our landscape design, landscape construction and landscape maintenance packages to your individual budget.

What does that mean for you?

It means peace of mind. You get the power of our collective brains with over 25 years of experience in the landscape design and landscaping industry.

Get to know us and how we can help.
Our initial consult and quotes are completely complimentary.


Here at The Greenscape Collective, we want you to feel informed and involved at every stage. From initial consultation to follow-up care, we will advise you on what your garden needs and when it’s needed. Wherever possible we incorporate existing plants into the schemes to lend maturity and continuity, as well as to aid habitat protection and creation.

Get to know each other

We want you to get to know us, and we want to get to know you. Being a good fit is an important part of any relationship. Gardens, like art, are very personal. That’s why we like to take the time to meet you, understand what help you are looking for in your garden and learn about your expectations. Most of all we want you to feel comfortable with us.

You will meet one of our warm and knowledgeable landscape designers who will discuss your project in detail and answer any questions you have about us. Only looking for lawn mowing, reticulation or garden maintenance? Easy! We’ll send out one of our cheery and experienced landscapers instead.

This initial meet and greet is completely complimentary and will take up to one hour.


Create beautiful gardens

Creating your perfect garden begins with your imagination. Already have an idea of what you want or are you open to suggestions? Creativity is never repetition, each garden is unique. That’s why we collaborate with you through each step to realise your ideal garden design. We want your garden to match your personality and your lifestyle.

If you like us after our first meeting, we will email you an engagement brief or scope of works detailing the landscape design service(s) to meet your aspirations and budget. If it is lawn mowing, reticulation or garden maintenance you need we will prepare a fee quote for our landscape maintenance service to match.

Garden designs start from as little as $160.00 for basic design concepts of small spaces. If you are interested in garden renovations rather than structural changes, we offer plant selection and styling services also.

Bring your garden dream to life

We create with our heart, but we build with our mind. Our talented and ingenious craftsmen and women will make sure the integrity of your garden design is brought to life. Planning to preparation to the built itself, we take care of it all.

We work directly with you, so you’ll only ever deal with one person. We manage your build flawlessly, coordinating all trades and providing you with a landscape construction schedule and estimated completion date. Want to take on the built yourself or know someone who’s handy? Fantastic! We are available for site visits during the works.


Let you relax and unwind

Love your garden but hate gardening or short on time? We got you. Our professional lawn mowing and garden maintenance service will keep your place looking absolutely fantastic. Leaving you to enjoy your garden with family and show it off to friends. Our landscape gardeners have the greenest green thumbs around. They are knowledgeable, experienced and love what they do. Which is why they are happy all the time.

Regular or once-off visits, lawn mowing, reticulation repairs and maintenance, general gardening and clean ups, pruning or hedging, mulching, weed and pest control. Whatever you need we have you covered. We also clean gutters and pressure wash paving and outdoor structures.

Have something specific in mind? We’re all ears and would love to chat about your garden ideas and plans.