City of Perth Parklet

We’re so honoured to have had the privilege of planting this exciting new West Perth parklet. Inspired by Bee Scene, the parklet features a beehive inspired design with flowering plants that have been included to support the local bee population. West Perth Local Chairperson Steve Wellard states ““We are very thankful the City of Perth…

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The Top 5 Garden Trends Arriving In 2020

Our owner Josh reveals the top emerging trends you’ll be seeing in gardens in 2020. Plant tech Technology enters our backyards in 2020. The Greenscape Collective’s owner Josh O’Keefe explains how it will make our lives easier. “Self-watering plants, and fertilizer microdosing which you can manage from an app, are just a couple of ways…

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Wormscaping: how to build an in-ground worm farm

We all know that we should be composting more. But it isn’t always easy to find the time or the space to get those worms working for us. An in-ground worm farm might be just the solution if you’re a time and space deprived gardener. Of course, you could dig a few holes, chuck in…

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Australian Native Alternatives to the Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, then decorating and placing presents under a tree may be part of your tradition. We wanted to bring you some Australian native alternatives that can be decorated with ribbons, baubles, lights and whatever else makes you feel festive. A real tree brings an extra special element to your holidays, with the…

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Cute dog hiding behind a green leafy plant in a well-petscaped garden

Petscaping Your Garden

As a pet owner, you’ve probably found yourself worrying more than you ever anticipated prior to bringing your furry friend home. There are many things impacting the health and happiness of our littlest family members, especially those who are ‘outside only’ pets. At The Greenscape Collective we believe in “petscaping” gardens. What do we mean?…

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The Greenscape Collective blog post on Allergy-free gardens for Perth. Feature image macro photograph of grass seed head surrounded by halo of airbourne pollen, the worst for hay fever.

How to create a low-allergen garden in Perth

What’s not to love about Spring in Perth? Warm weather, new growth, Kaleidoscopic colours and all the pretty flowers… AHHH CHOO! Oh yes and pollen. An allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare, mine included. 

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